Why Did the Girl Scout Cookie Cross the Border? 

Because UPS shipping was to expensive……..

How many yummy cookies crossed the state border?

Five little cookie packages. They hid more under the packaging.

Girl Scout Smores Cookies

In different Girl Scout Regions, they have a few different cookies, and the more recognized ones, go by multiple names.  So of course I had to make an arrangment to send 2 boxes to my sister in exchange for 2 boxes from where she lives. &&&&&&& yes they were delicious.  

Make sure they are indeed adults. 

Saw this while going through the drive through a few weeks ago. 

There was a first sign that said “Now Hiring Managers”. 

This second sign just made me giggle. “Like do they hire kids?” 

I actually  asked the woman at drive through, why the sign. She said Adults, not Minors. &&&& than I was like yup.. Now that sign makes sense. Cause 15-17 are still considered kids. Hahahaha

Monday Leggings

Waiting in the lobby at work & I over hear two ladies talking. Glancing over, they atleast in their 70s/80s & one is celebrating her birthday today. 

Lady1: My daughter called to wish me a happy birthday and let me know that she got me leggings as my gift. I told her I don’t wear them.

Lady2: Thats those stockings my grand-daughter wears, I think? 

Lady1: I suppose so. My daughter sent them to me anyways. Well I tried them on atleast.  (steps back & moves her coat aside, & lifts 1 knee a bit)  Won’t you look? 

Lady2: Is that what she sent you? How are they? 

Lady1: Yes, I’ve already called her to ask where she got them. They are comfortable. 

Lady2: (Smiles) They do look nice with your blouse. 


I love my line of work. I hear the oddest things every now & then, but this was a joyful conversation to overhear. I wish the ladies daughter could have overheard. lol