A Cockatiel Addiction

I believe I may have a cockatiel addiction!

It is so hard not to bring a new one home. I have heard people say a home is not complete with out pet hair, or an outfit is not complete with out dog/cat hair. I how ever have a room with dust disguised as little feathers and dander.

I have had six cockatiels in total. Damiien, Loudinn, Nikki, Dustin, Deuce and Nebula. Two have passed. Dustin in 2015 @ 10wks, and Damiien in 2016 @ 13 y/o. I’ll go more in-depth about each bird in a later post.

Currently I have four, three females, and a male. The older two are sisters from different clutches and the younger two are brother and sister from the same clutch.

I have hand-fed all of my babies and have learned breeders raise better cockatiels than stores. I have only come across one store that I would ever personally buy from or suggest to others.


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