Inauguration 2017

Whether we are black, brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of a patriot.!

America is an amazing Potluck of culture that will shine once again. 

I can’t wait to see what this President will do. 


Girl Scout Cookies 2017

Happy New Year. Its Just about Girl Scout Cookie Time &&& Online Cookie Sales begin tomorrow. I know everyone is making resolutions, however if you donate a box of cookies, there is no shipping fee & it goes to local military families and their soldiers.  Cant beat Supporting our troops with Yummy and FREE FOR THEM cookies. All boxes are $4 execpt our gluten free, Toffee Tastic & our new Smores cookie which are $5. Remember ThinMints are a dairy free, Vegan cookie, for those w/ allergies. 
You can take a look at Baby Girl’s Online Cookie Sale Site, it should be open to order from tomorrow, January First.

Cookies are shipped right to you, 

Sad Day for a Little Birdy

At work today, I was walking down the hallway and heard a loud thunk on the glass window. Scared me, as it came out of no where. I saw a few feathers drifting in the wind. My heart plummeted. I walked outside and looked around in the ground and found the poor little bird. He was taking his last few breaths, I felt so horrible for him. 

I couldn’t just leave the little bird there like that. I dug a small hole with a broken stick and buried the poor thing. 

I said a small prayer (yes, I love birds) and had to hurry off back to work with a heavy heart.

I hope no animal digs the little one up, &&& I hope what ever family it was a part of is able to move on. I sincerely hope, no hatchlings were dependent on this little fellow.

My 24 hours as a Squirrel Rahabilitator

I was jogging while my daughter rode her bike back to the house and we heard a rustling in a palm tree as we passed by. I didn’t think anything of it really, until I heard a chirping sound multiple times. So I looked back and saw something moving in the grass, and saw two of the frequenting neighborhood cats approaching; looking down and I saw a little baby squirrel. After picking it up and checking it out, we saw it was a male and he had a bloody nose, probably due to his journey down from the nest.
We started walking back towards the house, when I heard a cat meowing and more rustling in the grass. I rushed over and didn’t see anything, except a third cat. I tried to chase it away, but it just sat and meowed. So, looking closer, at the stump of the tree in the high grass was another baby. I searched around to see if there were anymore. This second baby was a bit smaller, and a female. Thankfully she had no injuries on her.  The two squirrels cuddled into a ball in my cupped hands as we made our way home.


So precious

It was just about 7:30pm when we found the two babies. Got home, pulled up google and did about 45 minutes of research while the kid showered. Confident I had learned enough to get them through the critical first night, I rummaged for what I had on hand for them: a heating pad, a small shoe box, paper towels and a soft shirt. I also happened to have the correct syringes to feed them with. I checked them for injuries, bathed them, cleaned up the bloody nose on the male and wrapped them in the shirt and placed them into the middle of my chest. Thank Goodness for the workout I had, my body heat was up and they don’t really produce enough of their own body heat, it was a perfect place for the time being.









We hurried to Pet Supermarket to pick up Puppy Formula, 20 minutes before they closed, than went to Publix to for grocery shopping, forgot to get pedialyte and they didn’t have the correct syringes, so we drove across to Walgreens for Pedialyte.

All the meanwhile, the squirrels snuggled in the black shirt, balled up and stuffed into my bra… I walked around with squirrels shirt. (Felt like I was hiding a secret from people, on a top-secret mission not to look weird or sneaky as I walked into the stored and shopped with a Black shirt wadded into the top of my shirt.)  We had everything we needed and the kid still had to get ready for bed, as well as for the next day of school.

We drove home, & I set up the squirrels on a warm heating pad in a shoe box with paper towels. I fed them the pedialyte; every 2-3 hours I would get up from to feed them; they were sooo dehydrated. In the morning, I had ro figure out what to do with them, kid had school and both the hububs and I worked. So I put them in a my overnight bag, with all of their essentials and brought them with me.


Looks just like a work bag.

I had  them in their shirt, on a towel, on top of the heating pad, inside the bag. I was able to plug-in the pad occasionally and it would stay warm in between travels

Rehydrating them at work turned out to be an adventure. Thankfully it was a short shift day at work, I hydrated them before work, once while I wasn’t busy and right before I left. I placed the bag ont he seat next to me while I went out to eat and in the car rider line waiting to pick my daughter up. They were so quiet and well-behaved. Thankfully as the day went on, they were both getting better.

The female was doing better, from the start, than her brother; she urinated a bunch at 7:30am, and then at each feeding and even pooped a bit once. The Male didnt urinate untill the 10:30 feeding and still seemed dehydrated around 2:30. However, their skin flexibility, between the shoulders, was much better than it was the day before, and they both seemed more alert.With them both doing well, it was time to start thinking about formula. I hadn’t even opened it yet, and I researched their age; about 5 weeks, based on their eyes being opened, the fur on their feet and bellies, as well as having bottom teeth but no top teeth. They would need to be fed every 4 hours and  released in approximately 6-9 weeks.

I decided to take a Nap and dreamt about the 11 squirrels I grew up with; my mother would always seemed to be rescuing baby squirrels, she would nurse them back to health, rehab and release them. It was such an enriching experience for my sisters and I, that I thought it would be an enriching experience for my daughter. When I woke up, I researched what I needed to accomplish rehabbing these cute babies, I would need 2-3 cages, specific foods and a strict schedule.

Well, I really thought about it, and these ARE babies, I just finished hand rearing my two youngest cockatiels a year ago, and I thought I was done for a while. I work just about full-time and I am completing my last semester of school, always doing something for family or friends, have my daughter’s schedule to manage, as well as a full house and a hubby to be there for. I felt horrible for thinking about handing over these babies, that may have been meant to be my responsibility. Well after 5 phone calls, 40 minutes of listening to  “volunteer stuff” I found a lady whom I could drive the squirrels out to that night, so they didn’t miss a feeding.

When I got to the lady’s house, and saw all these wonderfully  cute squirrels of all ages, I kept thinking of the memories of raising them as a kid, and my heart broke a bit.

So there I was, I had found these precious babies at about 7:30pm on a Monday, and was handing them over at about 8pm (Just about 24 hours).


Snuggle, Snuggle Babies.


I swear as I was leaving, the two babies untangled themselves from the black shirt and pressed their paws to the little glass (plastic) side of the container the lady had put them in.  It was like these babies were accusing me of abandoning them. I knew, however, they were in good hands.

Well that was my 24 hours a squirrel rehaber.

Enjoy your Day.

Are you Resilient? A Potato, An Egg or Coffee?

I came across the story of a daughter seeking her father’s advice, and loved the moral so much and the fact that it Included Coffee, I just had to shape it to be my own. 

So on my path to learning how to create videos, I am resilient. There were a few obstackles, I took a small break to relax.
However, let me know in the comments on YouTube or below what you think of the story, which one you believe you are or would like to be, and any tips you have for me to improve my videos?

LA Fitness Locker Room Issue with Model. 

Okay, so I have been reviewing the whole playboy playmate taking a photo at a LA fitness locker room and posting it to snap chat. That whole situation just makes me mad. I started working out 5 months ago, and chose to become a member at an LA Fitness Gym. I have gone into the woman’s locker room a few times, more often to use the bathroom, than the actual lockers, sauna or pool. However I have seen my fair share of bodies, and done the appropriate thing of averting my eyes and giving them their privacy as they change. I have insecurities about my body, and that is why I am currently working on them. I would be mortified if someone took a nude photo of me and passed it around publicly. That is some middle school/ high school BS.

I can’t believe that this Dani Mathers, person, would be so rude, as to snap a pic of a woman she does not know, and post her nude photo to Snapchat, with out her knowledge. No decent person would do that &&& than to make matters worse, she attempted an apology, and said “Sorry, I am new to Snapchat, and only meant to send it as a private message”.

Well guess what Dani, I am new to snap chat to, and I have yet to mess up by posting pictures I shouldn’t be. Oh wait, I am a decent human being and wouldn’t be taking naked pictures of people I don’t know. OH… Wait, isn’t that a crime, dont people go to jail for taking nude photos, or hiding cameras in bathrooms?

Okay….rant over. I believe she should be charged, however I am not judge and jury. It turns out that she deleted her Instagram and twitter accounts and was kicked out of all LA Fitness Gyms. I am so happy to hear that LA Fitness did something to handle the situation from their end and that the authorities were notified. Makes me trust in my membership there.

I just hope that, the woman who the picture was of, stands strong and tall and keeps up the work outs. She has so much support from people all around.

Original articles that I read are listed below.



A Vote for Candidate PineStraw

With all this talk about presidential candidate and who people should vote for. I have heard many times that Candidate PineStraw is the best choice. I’ll explain in a bit. People believe there is only two choices, Trump and Clinton. That just is not true. There is Bernie Sanders; although he endorsed Clinton, he has not officially dropped out yet, there is Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

I originally was all for Trump. Please don’t start raising posters and signs and picketing my blog just yet, Hold your horses !!! I think he is the best choice in regards to the bettering the Economy; he is after all a business man, and a successful one at that.

During the 2012 election I was interested in Gary Johnson before he dropped out, and ended up not voting at all. Yes, Yes, I know…. Everyone needs to vote; at least if you vote for someone, than it’s a vote against who you don’t want in office. Yup, definitely understood, But still.

During the 2008 election I was interested in Hillary, however than she dropped out. Well currently, she just has so much drama with her candidacy, I just prefer to stay away from that.

Back to 2016, with five candidates available to vote for,  two democrats, one republican, a green party and an independent; there is still a lot of choice.  I found that the below quiz link helped me figure out who I was similar to. Maybe it will help you.

 I can’t stand mudslinging and prefer listening to each candidate’s views and what they plan to do. 

Back to Candidate PineStraw. He is  found on the side of the road. My best friend told me that is who she would vote for and believes is the best person for the presidency, currently.



Vote for PineStraw, Not Pedro!!!

Napoleon Dynamite is on my mind, A kid in my daughter’s school talent show, did Napoleon’s dance for his “talent”.. super funny. 

Why step into the Blog wading pool now?

I started writing when I was six years old, free writing, poems, stories, school assignments. As an adult I lost the motivation to free write often, with so many of life’s other responsibilities piling up. Occasionally when I found free time I would sit back and scribble across a few pages or type something out in notepad or word. As social media took over, and online journals and blogging become a thing of the present, I didn’t really utilize them. Not that there weren’t topics, just that I would make excuses to never have time available to reach out to my creative side.

I don’t know much about networking, but I plan on learning. Well with all the Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and countless social media sites, I figured I’d go back to what I know and enjoy; writing;  it has always been an outlet for me.


So here I am, ready to create. Hope you find my life as enjoyable as I do.