Donate GirlScout Cookies To Military Troops

BabyGirl wants to support our Military Troops & their families by encouraging people to donate cookie boxes to them. I have heard from multiple sources that these men & woman, who work so hard to keep us free & safe, look forward to these cookies each year. 

Donated boxes are only $4 & there are no shipping fees. 

Direct link to the digital cookie site here.


Conversations w/ the Kid

Watching a movie at home

Me: “How does your nose feel about being invaded?” 

BabyGirl: ‘stares me down’


 Cleaning her room, while I work on the kitchen.

Me: “What still needs to be picked up on your dress up box?”

BabyGirl: “your speaker, a jacket-which can be hung up.”

Me: “What about the rest?” 

BabyGirl: “Well theres the other two, they have stuff that I cant find a place for.” 

Me: “Mmm hmm” (Don’t understand why a place must be found, unless she stuffing things where they don’t belong?)

Living like a Piglet



I walked into my daughter’s room looking for remnants of dirty laundry and dragging my dirty towel basket. She is mopping the kitchen floor. We’re trying to do an hour of picking up, after a late trip of evening grocery shopping and  before getting ready for bed.



(Hollering across the hall)
Me: Do you have any towels in your room?
BabyGirl: I don’t know, You’re the towel checker.
Me: Geez Child, Why is your room such a mess?
BabyGirl: Because I am a Pig….like daddy.
Me: Jojo Seriously?
BabyGirl: What?? You love me.
Me: I do, but come on?

I finish gathering towels from bedrooms and walk to the kitchen while kid is finishing up mopping.
Me: Are there any towels in the back room?
BabyGirl: ProbablyMaybe.
Me: What? That doesn’t make sense.
BabyGirl: No, Why would there be?
Me: There’s one right here on the couch. (as a point over and kid glances at it)
BabyGirl: Oh…

30 min later… Kid’s washing up for bed.
BabyGirl: Mama!!!! Where’s my towel…. I need one… Where is it?
Me: I took it.
BabyGirl: Why?
Me: You told me I was the towel checker!!!
BabyGirl: Mama!!!!!!!


Kids and Analogies

Baby Girl: “Mama, guess what?”
Me: “What”
Baby Girl: “Do you know what school has been like lately?” (She never has been good at the whole guess what? game)
Me: “What?”
Baby Girl: “A crushed heart that has been stomped on 20 thousand times.”
Me: “Do you even know what that feels like?”
Baby Girl: “Ya, like Poo in a Sock.”
My thought -> (????????)

I said nothing….. at least she’ll understand a broken heart, later in life….. But really Jojo, really??
img_8774Either someone is learning about analogies, or they need to work on their references for making one.


I really don’t know where she got poo in a sock from?

Kids don’t understand Parent Humor

My daughter and I are sitting on the couch, finishing up a tv show. She has about an hour before bedtime, and has been bugging me. So just to get a few minutes of peace, I decided to just send her to go get ready for bed. 

Me: “Go get ready for bed please.”  BabyGirl: sighs and groans                        Me: “time to get ready for bed”, singing, “teeth and pajamas, teeth and pajamas, teeth and pajamas.”      BabyGirl: ignoring me                        Me: “Go put on your teeth and brush your pajamas.”

She turns and looks at me, as I am smothering a laugh

BabyGirl: “That’s not right.”
Me: “Yes, you need to go put on your teeth and brush your pajamas to get ready for bed.”                         BabyGirl: “I don’t need to put on teeth, I am not old, I am 8 and pajamas are clothes, Not hair.”       Me: starting to laugh, “Go get ready for bed now.”


First Day of School Paperwork

I unfortunately had to miss walking her into the class room on her first day, because I had to be to at work super early.

 Picking her up from school

Me: “How was your day?”
Baby Girl: “Good” pouting
Me: “whats wrong?”
Baby Girl:” School’s not the same, I miss how it was.”
Me: “Why?”
Baby Girl: “The uniforms, the new Principle. The bell; they changed the bell, I liked the old one. It’s just too much for me.” still pouting     

Me: “It’ll get better.”                 Baby Girl: “They put nets up so the birds couldn’t build nests.That’s Mean”.                                                Me: “How was your class? I know So-in-So is in it, anyone else you know?”

Baby Girl: “Ya! tons, but the teacher is stricter, I don’t know why. I miss how everything used to be.”

Me: “Did you get home work?”

Baby Girl:”Of course not! But you did! A bunch a forms. You have to sign a gold sheet, I get graded tomorrow. I have a whole packet of papers for you to fill out.”

Why did I get homework on her first day of school, I am almost finished with my own classes?  LOL.