Sleeping on the Edge of the Bed

Found Thor sleeping like this on only the one side of his bed.

I want to know who he snuck in the house to share his bed with, && promptly then snuck back out while he was sleeping. He’s a grown man at almost 25, (3.5 dog years x 7), but he’s still my lap puppy. 


Make sure they are indeed adults. 

Saw this while going through the drive through a few weeks ago. 

There was a first sign that said “Now Hiring Managers”. 

This second sign just made me giggle. “Like do they hire kids?” 

I actually  asked the woman at drive through, why the sign. She said Adults, not Minors. &&&& than I was like yup.. Now that sign makes sense. Cause 15-17 are still considered kids. Hahahaha

OCD way of cleaning. 

I always like the thought of someone helping me clean, or even hiring someone to clean. Sometimes I even help my friends pick up a bit.  But this photo just really gets me.

I think in the end, I am better doing it myself. Lol

My friend once scheduled a surprise for me, with the hubby. She was going to come over & clean my house, while I was at work. (I found out && was like “Please, Lord, No”) hahaha…

I clean a certain way, &&&& I seen muh girl vacuum. Her own hubby recommended only her laundry skills when I asked what chores he trusted to her. We laughed, even she did. She knows we love her.