Sleeping on the Edge of the Bed

Found Thor sleeping like this on only the one side of his bed.

I want to know who he snuck in the house to share his bed with, && promptly then snuck back out while he was sleeping. He’s a grown man at almost 25, (3.5 dog years x 7), but he’s still my lap puppy. 


Make sure they are indeed adults. 

Saw this while going through the drive through a few weeks ago. 

There was a first sign that said “Now Hiring Managers”. 

This second sign just made me giggle. “Like do they hire kids?” 

I actually  asked the woman at drive through, why the sign. She said Adults, not Minors. &&&& than I was like yup.. Now that sign makes sense. Cause 15-17 are still considered kids. Hahahaha

Bad Kitty Approves This Message

With early voting going this week and everyone scrambling to figure out who they will vote for. Bad kitty has decided to run for president. 
This is such a great book, my daughter read it when she first became interested in the presidential election a few months ago. It gives kids a peek at what goes on in a fun manner. The whole Bad Kitty Series is such a cute comedic book series. 

Waiting room at Mayo Clinic

Two elderly men were sitting in the waiting room discussing life. One said “my wife and I always wanted to travel, especially after the kids were raised and we retired.” The second man, mentioned he had only traveled a few times in his life, but was happy at home. The first man said, “Well the wife and I travel quite often now a days. I travel to Mayo in the morning and she travels to Mayo in the afternoon.”

True story …I overheard while sitting in the waiting room with a client of mine. I love how life gives you daily doses of laughter to help you get by.

Pumpkin Coffee Time Finally! NOT. 

Craving carbonation, as the water I had been drinking all day just wasnt cutting it. Drove to Krystals, their Icee machine always has one side out…… Today, the whole thing was down.. (I think they just don’t feel like making one at 8:45pm) Considered driving 20 minutes to the next one, but forgot the phone at home, so NOPE.
The kid reminds me that DD serves coolatas. I drive there… They’re out of the flavor I would order, &&&& only have two sour flavors left!! I settle on a Donut and a bottle of Coke.


&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& than the cashier mentions  Pumpkin Coffee has come in, I ask jokingly,” How could you let me think of buying this soda????”  So I order a large Hot pumpkin Coffee.


I pay for the two donuts, a coolata for the kid, the soda I know I will want tomorrow and a coffee.

I Walk over to the counter end AND she hands me, a large Iced Coffee. Really??? Really??? Reaaalllly????

You messed up the last coffee I got from you a few days ago?????  and the order before that. This is the third time…..

Was not in the mood to complain, so I drove home and settled for a few sips of soda. (l could save the iced coffee for the morning). My sister laughed at my story, and said white girl coffee problems.

Pumpkin Munchins.. its almost Autumn

Mmmm DD Munchkins… is it Pumpkin Time already?


They Told me no pumpkin coffee yet, !!!!!!

I tried it for the first time last year. Pumpkin/Pumpkin Spice coffee is actually good.

&&&&& So is Pumpkin Pie & Pumpkin Bread.  Any other Pumpkin stuff?? Haters can whine about when the Pumpkin King brings the season in???

Pinky Pie doesn’t have a chill mode. 

Anyone ever have those “leave me be” moments?

FullSizeRender (21)

I’ve been so cranky lately, trying to finish up the semester and dealing with life in general. My poor hubby, I feel for him

I’m like “where’s my robe, mug, and clicker, do I need a new book?”

Told my bestie, “fine, I’ll come over, just chill on the peppiness”. She’s all, “okay I can be quiet”. I laugh and told her, “No you can’t, you  bounce quietly.”  Imagine Pinky Pie from MY Little Ponies, That’s my girl.
Any ways the joys of life are there and I must Interact and Smile. I do admit, Life is good.

OCD way of cleaning. 

I always like the thought of someone helping me clean, or even hiring someone to clean. Sometimes I even help my friends pick up a bit.  But this photo just really gets me.

I think in the end, I am better doing it myself. Lol

My friend once scheduled a surprise for me, with the hubby. She was going to come over & clean my house, while I was at work. (I found out && was like “Please, Lord, No”) hahaha…

I clean a certain way, &&&& I seen muh girl vacuum. Her own hubby recommended only her laundry skills when I asked what chores he trusted to her. We laughed, even she did. She knows we love her.