Coffee Mug Scrambled Eggs

Coffee Mug Scrambled Eggs

8-12oz Mug, 2 Eggs, 1 or 2 Tblspn Milk, Salt, Pepper, Shredded Cheese, Ketchup (optional), Non Stick cooking spray. 

Spray inside of Mug completly so eggs slide out after cooking. Put first 5 ingrediants in an 8-12oz coffee mug and mix with a fork. Set mug in Microwave on napkin and cook for one minute (60 sec), stir and cook for an additional 35 seconds untill egg starts to rise over mug. Keep adding 35 seconds untill egg is firm, and no liquid is left in the bottom.

Dump on plate and enjoy. 


Yummy Oreo Spiders

Don’t Step on the spiders this coming halloween, Drown them in Milk.
An easy & fun activity you can do with the kids.


  • Oreos
  • Black licorice
  • Red piping icing
  • White frosting
  1. Separate the Oreos by twisting them apart gently.
  2. Cut the 2 licorice into thirds and set aside.
  3. Add a layer of white frosting to each top and bottom of the Oreos
  4. Place the pieces of licorice at an angle on each side of the cream Oreo, fit three pieces on each side… (4 if your able to fit them) 
  5. Put the tops of the Oreos over the licorice spider legs and push down gently. (you want the licorice pieces to stay in place and the frosting to not smush out.)
  6. Use the red/green piping icing to pipe 2 small dabs close together for the spiders eyes.
  7. Let the whole things dry and enjoy them.