Why Did the Girl Scout Cookie Cross the Border? 

Because UPS shipping was to expensive……..

How many yummy cookies crossed the state border?

Five little cookie packages. They hid more under the packaging.

Girl Scout Smores Cookies

In different Girl Scout Regions, they have a few different cookies, and the more recognized ones, go by multiple names.  So of course I had to make an arrangment to send 2 boxes to my sister in exchange for 2 boxes from where she lives. &&&&&&& yes they were delicious.  

Monday Leggings

Waiting in the lobby at work & I over hear two ladies talking. Glancing over, they atleast in their 70s/80s & one is celebrating her birthday today. 

Lady1: My daughter called to wish me a happy birthday and let me know that she got me leggings as my gift. I told her I don’t wear them.

Lady2: Thats those stockings my grand-daughter wears, I think? 

Lady1: I suppose so. My daughter sent them to me anyways. Well I tried them on atleast.  (steps back & moves her coat aside, & lifts 1 knee a bit)  Won’t you look? 

Lady2: Is that what she sent you? How are they? 

Lady1: Yes, I’ve already called her to ask where she got them. They are comfortable. 

Lady2: (Smiles) They do look nice with your blouse. 


I love my line of work. I hear the oddest things every now & then, but this was a joyful conversation to overhear. I wish the ladies daughter could have overheard. lol

Donate GirlScout Cookies To Military Troops

BabyGirl wants to support our Military Troops & their families by encouraging people to donate cookie boxes to them. I have heard from multiple sources that these men & woman, who work so hard to keep us free & safe, look forward to these cookies each year. 

Donated boxes are only $4 & there are no shipping fees. 

Direct link to the digital cookie site here. 


Java Log – Coffee Fire Starter Log

I saw this two years ago, &&& wanted to try it. But I had other fire logs at home already, & last year it wasn’t cold enough for a fire. 


I was going to buy a pack, but it was more expensive than most other fire logs. Broken down it was $5.75 per a log, Sold seperately each is also that price, & only 4 came in a pack. I did like that each would burn for 4hours. The other starter log pack I was looking at was a pack of 6, 2-3 hour logs and broke down to about $2.50/$2.95 a log.  I was happy that I did not have to buy the pack of Java logs and I had the option to buy one log seperatly. 

I was curious if it actually smelt like coffee. After further reasearching, i found that the company says that some customers are able to smell a faint coffee odor, however that the log is made with coffee grounds because it is more environmently friendly & burns off less chemicals, as well a burning brighter than other Fire logs. 

I was excited to pay at the register & get home to light it up and enjoy the fire. 

It lit up quite easily, & did last a while. I didn’t smell any coffee odor. So for those who are buying it hoping that it gives off the coffee smell, save yourself the money, and brew a mug of coffee instead. For those who prefer a cleaner burning fire log & love being environmently friendly as well as purchasing recycled products, this fire log is a great pick.  I enjoyed the fire it made, & 4 hours is a great length to veg out on the reclyner and binge watch netflix with the family. 

I believe I will buy these logs seperatly, instead of the pack, since I am not really saving any money by buying the pack & usually I burn 2 hours logs. I did enjoy the product however and love the thought that I am burning coffee grounds. 

Don’t have a photo of the fire it produced, was to busy enjoying the warmth of it with my family.

If you would like further background on the Java Log, the link below should help. 


Girl Scout Cookies 2017

Happy New Year. Its Just about Girl Scout Cookie Time &&& Online Cookie Sales begin tomorrow. I know everyone is making resolutions, however if you donate a box of cookies, there is no shipping fee & it goes to local military families and their soldiers.  Cant beat Supporting our troops with Yummy and FREE FOR THEM cookies. All boxes are $4 execpt our gluten free, Toffee Tastic & our new Smores cookie which are $5. Remember ThinMints are a dairy free, Vegan cookie, for those w/ allergies. 
You can take a look at Baby Girl’s Online Cookie Sale Site, it should be open to order from tomorrow, January First. 


Cookies are shipped right to you, 

Good Bye Elf on the Shelf.. Hello Xmas Eve Elf

Good Morning, Merry Chrismas Happy Holidays……. any of these to greet others this day.

 Each Person I have greeted so far has ended in a smile after their eyes rise over my head. I love when I can bring a smile to peoples faces. 

There is a resident here, each time I talk with her, she is a delight. She stopped and & asked do you have a chrismas thingy on your head. We exchanged greetings, & she told me she prefers Happy Holidays that way it covers the New Year as well. She said that so many people are alone or have lost people near christmas such as herself, it hurts to much to say Merry Chrismas.   (Not everything is about taking Christ out of christmas). 

Walking into the lobby & someone asked me if the bell really jingles, Yes it does sir as a smile and wave good bye. 

Another person said, There she goes prancing by….to which I replied, “with those shelf elves leaving, I, the christmas eve elf can come out. 

So Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays everyone… I hope you enjoy this evening and tomorrow however you celebrate it.