Monday Leggings

Waiting in the lobby at work & I over hear two ladies talking. Glancing over, they atleast in their 70s/80s & one is celebrating her birthday today. 

Lady1: My daughter called to wish me a happy birthday and let me know that she got me leggings as my gift. I told her I don’t wear them.

Lady2: Thats those stockings my grand-daughter wears, I think? 

Lady1: I suppose so. My daughter sent them to me anyways. Well I tried them on atleast.  (steps back & moves her coat aside, & lifts 1 knee a bit)  Won’t you look? 

Lady2: Is that what she sent you? How are they? 

Lady1: Yes, I’ve already called her to ask where she got them. They are comfortable. 

Lady2: (Smiles) They do look nice with your blouse. 


I love my line of work. I hear the oddest things every now & then, but this was a joyful conversation to overhear. I wish the ladies daughter could have overheard. lol


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