Java Log – Coffee Fire Starter Log

I saw this two years ago, &&& wanted to try it. But I had other fire logs at home already, & last year it wasn’t cold enough for a fire. 


I was going to buy a pack, but it was more expensive than most other fire logs. Broken down it was $5.75 per a log, Sold seperately each is also that price, & only 4 came in a pack. I did like that each would burn for 4hours. The other starter log pack I was looking at was a pack of 6, 2-3 hour logs and broke down to about $2.50/$2.95 a log.  I was happy that I did not have to buy the pack of Java logs and I had the option to buy one log seperatly. 

I was curious if it actually smelt like coffee. After further reasearching, i found that the company says that some customers are able to smell a faint coffee odor, however that the log is made with coffee grounds because it is more environmently friendly & burns off less chemicals, as well a burning brighter than other Fire logs. 

I was excited to pay at the register & get home to light it up and enjoy the fire. 

It lit up quite easily, & did last a while. I didn’t smell any coffee odor. So for those who are buying it hoping that it gives off the coffee smell, save yourself the money, and brew a mug of coffee instead. For those who prefer a cleaner burning fire log & love being environmently friendly as well as purchasing recycled products, this fire log is a great pick.  I enjoyed the fire it made, & 4 hours is a great length to veg out on the reclyner and binge watch netflix with the family. 

I believe I will buy these logs seperatly, instead of the pack, since I am not really saving any money by buying the pack & usually I burn 2 hours logs. I did enjoy the product however and love the thought that I am burning coffee grounds. 

Don’t have a photo of the fire it produced, was to busy enjoying the warmth of it with my family.

If you would like further background on the Java Log, the link below should help.


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