Good Bye Elf on the Shelf.. Hello Xmas Eve Elf

Good Morning, Merry Chrismas Happy Holidays……. any of these to greet others this day.

 Each Person I have greeted so far has ended in a smile after their eyes rise over my head. I love when I can bring a smile to peoples faces. 

There is a resident here, each time I talk with her, she is a delight. She stopped and & asked do you have a chrismas thingy on your head. We exchanged greetings, & she told me she prefers Happy Holidays that way it covers the New Year as well. She said that so many people are alone or have lost people near christmas such as herself, it hurts to much to say Merry Chrismas.   (Not everything is about taking Christ out of christmas). 

Walking into the lobby & someone asked me if the bell really jingles, Yes it does sir as a smile and wave good bye. 

Another person said, There she goes prancing by….to which I replied, “with those shelf elves leaving, I, the christmas eve elf can come out. 

So Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays everyone… I hope you enjoy this evening and tomorrow however you celebrate it. 


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