Sad Day for a Little Birdy

At work today, I was walking down the hallway and heard a loud thunk on the glass window. Scared me, as it came out of no where. I saw a few feathers drifting in the wind. My heart plummeted. I walked outside and looked around in the ground and found the poor little bird. He was taking his last few breaths, I felt so horrible for him. 

I couldn’t just leave the little bird there like that. I dug a small hole with a broken stick and buried the poor thing. 

I said a small prayer (yes, I love birds) and had to hurry off back to work with a heavy heart.

I hope no animal digs the little one up, &&& I hope what ever family it was a part of is able to move on. I sincerely hope, no hatchlings were dependent on this little fellow.


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