DressUp as Rochelle Goyle from Monster High

Rochelle Goyle is a gargoyle from Monster High.

This look is from the movie “Haunted” Monster High. It is a Teal and Pink outfit, with a black collar, pink chains and a sparkly teal eye-mask.

Great for a Monster High theme Party, for the person who likes to play dress up or a Halloween costume.

Teal/Turquoise tank top & bottoms, Black scarf for collar, Pink ribbons curled for chains, Teal/Turquoise shoes.

Gargoyle wings purchased from party city for $10-$12.

DIY Ears Below (Took me 2 hours)

Supplies. Grey Fabric (I used an old T-shirt), Scissors, Fabric Scissors, Sharpie, Pencil, Hot-glue Gun, CardBoard, Napkins, Sturdy Headband

Face MakeUp Below

L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil, Primer around eyes and on eyelid. Teal and varying grey eye shadows. A sparkly blue lip to pull the look together.

This was a fun DIY with my daughter. Hope you enjoy it as well.


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