Poor Monday, Thinking Nobody Likes it….

Pulled into the parking lot at work and I open my door, && it seems really noisy outside. More sound than usual anyways. I heard Squirrels and a couple of birds, It sounded like they were all discussing something of importance or yelling at each other. 

For once, I felt like I was out of the loop, left out of the conversation. 

Wondering what was going on in the nature world? Couple of black birds were roosting on the roof and a few in trees, as well; like the Bird Mafia is scoping out the parking lot. 

Inside its just as calm, Greeting someone; Good Mornings are passed and than a How are you from me &&&&&&& from them… hahahaha….”It’s Monday again”. 

I swear all the employees hate Monday…. I am not sure I should work here..I may start disliking my Monday. 

Poor Monday… Not everybody dislikes you. (Pats Monday on the Shoulder).


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