Living like a Piglet



I walked into my daughter’s room looking for remnants of dirty laundry and dragging my dirty towel basket. She is mopping the kitchen floor. We’re trying to do an hour of picking up, after a late trip of evening grocery shopping and  before getting ready for bed.



(Hollering across the hall)
Me: Do you have any towels in your room?
BabyGirl: I don’t know, You’re the towel checker.
Me: Geez Child, Why is your room such a mess?
BabyGirl: Because I am a Pig….like daddy.
Me: Jojo Seriously?
BabyGirl: What?? You love me.
Me: I do, but come on?

I finish gathering towels from bedrooms and walk to the kitchen while kid is finishing up mopping.
Me: Are there any towels in the back room?
BabyGirl: ProbablyMaybe.
Me: What? That doesn’t make sense.
BabyGirl: No, Why would there be?
Me: There’s one right here on the couch. (as a point over and kid glances at it)
BabyGirl: Oh…

30 min later… Kid’s washing up for bed.
BabyGirl: Mama!!!! Where’s my towel…. I need one… Where is it?
Me: I took it.
BabyGirl: Why?
Me: You told me I was the towel checker!!!
BabyGirl: Mama!!!!!!!



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