Mom Life= Sharing or Shoving it down my throat in secret.

I didn’t have a lunch at work, and drove past a DD on the way home. I sarted singing “Donuts, Donuts, Donut, Donutty, Nutty Donuts”.. Ya I have not gone out to eat in the last month at all, except twice for a date night and family night. I was craving some Dunkin Donuts.

I gave in and got some munchkins

Got My bag of loot, not sure if all of them will make it home. I need to pick up the kid still and I know she’ll be grumpy. But we shall see. 

 Mom Life=Sharing or Shoving it down my throat in secret.

I also have been suffering from a severe lack of coffee lately, and opting to get it from work or make it when I visit my mother in law. It’s been a time of betrayal to the sweet Hazelnut. I must admit, I have been using a french vanilla creamer lately, or drinking Mint Green Tea.

Ordered a coffee to

Delicious Coffee. Sooo Sorry I left you. I’ll drink some with my stash of DD while the kiddie naps off the after school grumpies.


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