First Day of School Paperwork

I unfortunately had to miss walking her into the class room on her first day, because I had to be to at work super early.

 Picking her up from school

Me: “How was your day?”
Baby Girl: “Good” pouting
Me: “whats wrong?”
Baby Girl:” School’s not the same, I miss how it was.”
Me: “Why?”
Baby Girl: “The uniforms, the new Principle. The bell; they changed the bell, I liked the old one. It’s just too much for me.” still pouting     

Me: “It’ll get better.”                 Baby Girl: “They put nets up so the birds couldn’t build nests.That’s Mean”.                                                Me: “How was your class? I know So-in-So is in it, anyone else you know?”

Baby Girl: “Ya! tons, but the teacher is stricter, I don’t know why. I miss how everything used to be.”

Me: “Did you get home work?”

Baby Girl:”Of course not! But you did! A bunch a forms. You have to sign a gold sheet, I get graded tomorrow. I have a whole packet of papers for you to fill out.”

Why did I get homework on her first day of school, I am almost finished with my own classes?  LOL.


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