Peru celebrates Independence day for two days. 

Peru has amazing food. I joke with my mother in-law that I married her son, because I couldn’t marry her; she is an amazing cook. I am a lucky woman, the family I gained when I married my man. His culture and his language; it’s just amazing,besides I could listen to his accent all day. 

Today was the second day of the Peruvian independence day. We didn’t really do anything, since it was a work day, we’ll celebrate it tomorrow with friends. Although, I wore my Peru shirt, and the kid wore hers on the 27th, a day ahead of time. We did stop by to say Hi to my mother in-law. We watched the Independence Day Parade in Peru, that actually took place on my Brother in-law’s street, and then watched a Novella, and an old show, El Chavo del Ocho, that my husband’s family grew up watching. My daughter was just talking and laughing through the episodes, it was funny,  I wonder if my cable provider has that channel on our Tv, I doubt it. I would love for Jojo to watch a few of her dad’s child hood shows with him.
 I want to see the Nazca Lines, hike Machu Picchu, explore where my husband grew up, visit Cuzco, and multiple other cities; visit with my father in-law, whom I miss dearly, and meet the rest of my man’s family. I can’t wait till the day comes when we all vacation or move Peru. 


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