Rolling Down the Window to Air Out My Child

My daughter’s summer academic enrichment program schedules many field trips for all the grades. Well, today the counselors arranged for the school to go a skating rink. The rink they visited is the one that I grew up going to. It has, of course, changed over the years; it is more like an arcade with a skating rink now. I remember many of my friends, myself or my sisters at one point, had birthday parties there. I always skated to “Hey Mickey” and played red light/ green light. Well the rink gives you the option to rent roller-blades or skates. My daughter had a pair of skates when she was two, broke them and never got another pair.

Driving to the school, she was excited for the trip, a little nervous and happy when she found out, I had grown up there. We discussed that she should probably get skates.  Pulled up, we said our good byes, hugged and wished her an enjoyable field trip.

Fast-forward, I am in the car rider lane; time as slowed down for me as I watch my daughter walk to the car; the look on this girl’s face, her flushed cheeks and matted hair; she looks like she is beat and had a tough day. A good work out type of day. I open the door for her, and greet her with a “Hi”. She got in and closed the car door. I pull off, asking if she had a good field trip? She mentions she fell 6 times, but had fun. AND…….. that is when I smelled it;….. just breathing normally &&& I gagged; I actually pinched my nose and asked if that smell was her.


My daughter smiled, her eyes brightened, & she replied “what?”. I stopped the car before pulling out onto the main road and rolled both front windows all the way down. My daughter laughed at me as we started to drive again, and threatened to take off her shoes, in the car. Glancing at her smirking face, I said, “absolutely not and your taking a shower as soon as we get home.” She replied “I know” with a huge smile on her face. Ya girl, be proud of your stink!

Thankfully the open window helped air out her stink and we made it home safely. Her shoes however were placed in the garage, and I did a load of laundry before we went to dinner with friends, where I got to see my baby god-daughter and baby nephew.

I miss baby feet, they are soo adorable. My daughter acquired human feet when she was two, as in some how her adorable baby feet developed foot odor. She still has cute feet, and I will paint her toe nails…… just……after she washes them.




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