LA Fitness Locker Room Issue with Model. 

Okay, so I have been reviewing the whole playboy playmate taking a photo at a LA fitness locker room and posting it to snap chat. That whole situation just makes me mad. I started working out 5 months ago, and chose to become a member at an LA Fitness Gym. I have gone into the woman’s locker room a few times, more often to use the bathroom, than the actual lockers, sauna or pool. However I have seen my fair share of bodies, and done the appropriate thing of averting my eyes and giving them their privacy as they change. I have insecurities about my body, and that is why I am currently working on them. I would be mortified if someone took a nude photo of me and passed it around publicly. That is some middle school/ high school BS.

I can’t believe that this Dani Mathers, person, would be so rude, as to snap a pic of a woman she does not know, and post her nude photo to Snapchat, with out her knowledge. No decent person would do that &&& than to make matters worse, she attempted an apology, and said “Sorry, I am new to Snapchat, and only meant to send it as a private message”.

Well guess what Dani, I am new to snap chat to, and I have yet to mess up by posting pictures I shouldn’t be. Oh wait, I am a decent human being and wouldn’t be taking naked pictures of people I don’t know. OH… Wait, isn’t that a crime, dont people go to jail for taking nude photos, or hiding cameras in bathrooms?

Okay….rant over. I believe she should be charged, however I am not judge and jury. It turns out that she deleted her Instagram and twitter accounts and was kicked out of all LA Fitness Gyms. I am so happy to hear that LA Fitness did something to handle the situation from their end and that the authorities were notified. Makes me trust in my membership there.

I just hope that, the woman who the picture was of, stands strong and tall and keeps up the work outs. She has so much support from people all around.

Original articles that I read are listed below.




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