Catching up on Paperwork and Procrastinating Cleaning… 

Decided to catch up on all the calls I had to make today, I had like five or six of them to make. Also decided to catch up on the forms I had to fill out. First call to deal with student loan deferment, went great, hold time & talk time was a total of 8 minutes and they played country music and Jason Derulo for the hold times. Than I had to call my couches protection plan, that led to a second phone call, pictures and email, and then I have to make a third call to make sure they got the email. An hour later, I am dealing with bills, and I have to fill out a form online.. OH My Jeez… UGH two hours later..   and now I don’t even remember what other calls I had to make.  I know I need to review two bills, but I am over being online just about.

My sister called me earlier and tempted me to come over and distract my baby nefew so she could bake. I was so tempted to drop everything and go hold the chubby munchkin; but I was on a roll getting phone calls and paper work done, and I still had to stack the dishwasher and take a shower. I hate when my hair feels all greasy.  However, now I can’t even remember who else I need to call.

There is a list of stuff I could do; like giving the dog a bath, I  watched him roll in the grass and than twenty minutes later, run to the back door, with his tongue lolling out of his mouth. (Don’t know if he has been fed yet, I remember, I need to call the hubby and ask). and I was watching Deuce on his swing trying to play with his toy, and attempting to get a good foot hold on it so that he could have his personal time with it. He discovered that two weeks ago, and was going at it like twice a day, so I removed the toy he was enjoying and that seemed to help. I may need to remove the other toy, I tried to remove the swing, but Nikki uses it to. He is currently to young to mate, so I don’t encourage the behavior.

Well I guess, its time to clean up the house, at least untill I remember what other calls need to be made.

No coffee today yet.. wait maybe I will go make some.


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