A Vote for Candidate PineStraw

With all this talk about presidential candidate and who people should vote for. I have heard many times that Candidate PineStraw is the best choice. I’ll explain in a bit. People believe there is only two choices, Trump and Clinton. That just is not true. There is Bernie Sanders; although he endorsed Clinton, he has not officially dropped out yet, there is Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

I originally was all for Trump. Please don’t start raising posters and signs and picketing my blog just yet, Hold your horses !!! I think he is the best choice in regards to the bettering the Economy; he is after all a business man, and a successful one at that.

During the 2012 election I was interested in Gary Johnson before he dropped out, and ended up not voting at all. Yes, Yes, I know…. Everyone needs to vote; at least if you vote for someone, than it’s a vote against who you don’t want in office. Yup, definitely understood, But still.

During the 2008 election I was interested in Hillary, however than she dropped out. Well currently, she just has so much drama with her candidacy, I just prefer to stay away from that.

Back to 2016, with five candidates available to vote for,  two democrats, one republican, a green party and an independent; there is still a lot of choice.  I found that the below quiz link helped me figure out who I was similar to. Maybe it will help you.


 I can’t stand mudslinging and prefer listening to each candidate’s views and what they plan to do. 

Back to Candidate PineStraw. He is  found on the side of the road. My best friend told me that is who she would vote for and believes is the best person for the presidency, currently.



Vote for PineStraw, Not Pedro!!!

Napoleon Dynamite is on my mind, A kid in my daughter’s school talent show, did Napoleon’s dance for his “talent”.. super funny. 


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