Why step into the Blog wading pool now?

I started writing when I was six years old, free writing, poems, stories, school assignments. As an adult I lost the motivation to free write often, with so many of life’s other responsibilities piling up. Occasionally when I found free time I would sit back and scribble across a few pages or type something out in notepad or word. As social media took over, and online journals and blogging become a thing of the present, I didn’t really utilize them. Not that there weren’t topics, just that I would make excuses to never have time available to reach out to my creative side.

I don’t know much about networking, but I plan on learning. Well with all the Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and countless social media sites, I figured I’d go back to what I know and enjoy; writing;  it has always been an outlet for me.


So here I am, ready to create. Hope you find my life as enjoyable as I do.


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